The 3 Best Health Benefits Of Medical Cannabis

Since California opened the door to medical marijuana in 1996, over 35 states have followed suit. Research over the past two decades has shown the incredible medical benefits patients suffering from various illnesses and conditions can get.

For many, medical marijuana can often be more effective than traditional western medical practices in addition to having little to no side effects from usage.

Consider the following ways medical marijuana may help relieve uncomfortable symptoms of your illness or condition.


While cannabis can provide an uplifting or euphoric feeling, it is well known that it will not necessarily keep you up all night. Many patients use medical cannabis to assist with insomnia, restless leg syndrome, and poor sleep.

If your medical condition keeps you from a good night’s rest, consider purchasing Indica dominant cannabis strains.



One of the most popular benefits and uses of medical cannabis is for pain management. Cannabis contains a compound known as caryophyllene that is shown to be an effective anti-inflammatory and reduces pain related to:

·    Arthritis

·    Hard Labor

·    Back Injury

·    Poor Circulation

If you are interested in medical cannabis to manage pain, ask a bud-tender about which strains contain the highest amount of anti-inflammatory compounds.


Cannabis has an uncanny ability to rebalance and regulate the systems that control stress and anxiety. This is what makes it an effective treatment for a variety of neurological disorders, including:

·    Clinical Depression

·    PTSD

·    Anxiety

·    Bipolar Mania

·    Schizophrenia

Using medical cannabis as an alternative to traditional pharmaceuticals can often be far more effective and without the adverse side effects common to most prescription antidepressants.

Your local dispensary will be able to help you choose the best strain of cannabis to meet any or all of your medical needs.